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Reversing DC Motor Speed Control

130 Series

Reversing DC Motor Speed Control | 130 Series

Reversing DC Motor Speed Control

471,21 OMDC-130LC100

1 year warranty CE
  • Provides DC Motor Speed Control with Reversing Capability
  • Speed Regulation is ±1% of Base Speed
  • Adjustable Minimum/Maximum Speed
  • Adjustable Current Limit
  • Speed Adjustment Using 5 KΩ Speedpot or 0 to 10 Vdc Analog Input Signal
  • Onboard Dynamic Braking Resistor
  • 5K Speed Pot with 8" Leads, Dial and Knob Included
  • 50:1 Speed Range
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The 130 Series reversing speed control is designed to provide instant reversing, quick precise stopping or rapid cycling for a wide range of DC motor applications. The 130 Series reversing control outperforms other dynamic braking and reversing controls by utilizing unique zerospeed detect and dynamic braking circuits. These circuits eliminate the contact arcing and failed braking problems associated with other reversing and dynamic braking controls. The zero speed detect circuit also eliminates motor plug reversing problems. In the event of a power loss or emergency stop condition, the 130 Series control will drop into a dynamic brake condition to safely and quickly bring the motor to a stop and remain there until power is reapplied and a run condition is recognized.

AC Input Voltage: ±10% of rated line voltage
Acceleration: 0.5 seconds
Amps–DC Output
    130LC100 and 132LC200: 500 mA to 5.5 ADC*
    130HC100 and 132HC200: 500 mA to 10 ADC
Controller Overload Capacity: 200% for one minute
Current Limit Trimpot Range
    Models 130xx100 and 132xx200: 1 to 18 ADC
Deceleration: 0.5 seconds
    LC Models: 126.16 W x 107.95 L x 68.27 mm D (4.96 x 4.25 x 2.68")
    HC Models: 158.75 W x 177.8 L x 103.2 mm D (6.25 x 7.0 x 4.06")
    LC Models: 489.87 g (1.08 lb)
    HC Models: 1496.80 g (3.30 lb)
Drive Service Factor: 1.0
Efficiency: 85% typical
Input Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Trimpot Speed Range
    Maximum: 60 to 110% of base speed
    Minimum: 0 to 30% of maximum speed
Power Devices: Isolated case tab
Shunt Field Voltage: 100 Vdc for 120 Vac input; 200 Vdc for 240 Vac input
Shunt Field Current: 1 amp DC maximum
Speed Control: Via 5 kΩ 0.5 W potentiometer or 0 to 10 Vdc isolated signal
Speed Range: 50:1
Speed Regulation: ±1% of base speed
Temperature Range: -10 to 45°C ambient (15 to 115°F)
Terminal Block Torque Setting: 4.4 in. lb. maximum or 0.05 Nm
Transient Protection: G-Mov
Trigger: Opto-isolator
Start/Brake Cycle Per Minute
    LC Models: 3 per min**
    HC Models: 30 per min**
Operating Conditions
    Temperature: -10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
    AC Input Voltage: ±10% rated line voltage
    Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
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Beholdning: 1 uge 
Heat Sink for higher current output (LC100/LC200 models)
All amounts shown in EUR
Noter: Comes complete with manual, speedpot kit, dial and knob.
* With suitable external heat sink (where 130 extrusion temperature does not exceed 70°C), maximum rating for output amps can be increased to 10 amps D.C.
** Cycles per minute are based on typical inertia type loads. Higher cycle per minute rates may be achieved with constant torque or low inertia type loads. Lower cycle rates may be required for very high inertia type loads.
* Up to 10A continuous current output at 1 HP 90 Vdc with heat sink.
** Up to 10A continuous current output at 2 HP 180 Vdc with heat sink.
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