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INTERNATIONAL(+45) 80 25 14 43
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Chilled Mirror Dew Point/Temperature Transmitter


Duct or Wall Mounted Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
 | CMDP-Series

Duct or Wall Mounted Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

1.812,79 CMDP-P

1 year warranty CE
  • Precision Accuracy
  • Two 4-20mA outputs (configurable)
  • Durable
  • Fast Response Time
  • Duct/Pipe/Wall Configuration
  • Air temperature option for Wall Configuration
  • Automatic balance function for the mirror/optical loop circuitry
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The CMDP-Series is a family of low-cost dew point chilled mirror transmitter that can be configured as a duct, wall, or pipe unit. The unit offers stable, accurate and repeatable measurements that are traceable to NIST. Available air temperature option is available on the Wall configuration. Settable service cycles for balancing and cleaning the mirror. The CMDP is a primary measurement using a fundamental principle to measure the dew point very accurately. Simple maintenance to cleaning the mirror requires using a wetted cotton swab to restore the transmitter to normal operation. Because of its construction, the customer can enjoy a long life of excellent performance.


Accuracy : Dew point +/-0.5C Temperature +/-0.5C
Hysteresis: None
Pressure: 2 ATM
Resolution : 0.01%
Weight: < 5lbs.
Air Velocity: 50 to 900m/min
Operating Temperature : -40 °C to +60 °C
Repeatability : +/- 0.05°C
Supply Voltage : 24Vdc +/-3V @ 1.0A
Til bestilling(Angiv modelnummer)
Vare nummer/Desc.
Beholdning: 2 uger 
Duct Mounted Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (Dewpoint only)
Beholdning: 1 uge 
Wall Mounted Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (Dewpoint only)
Beholdning: 1 uge 
Wall Mounted Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (Dewpoint/Temperature)
Beholdning: 5 uger 
Pipe Mounted Chilled Mirror Hygrometer (Dewpoint only)
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