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INTERNATIONAL(+45) 80 25 14 43
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2-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater


2-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater | MB-2 SERIES

2-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater

DKK1.075,00 MB3J1J2P1

  • 3 1 /2 -10 1 /2 " Barrel Dia.
  • 500-2,000 Watts
  • 240-480 Volt
  • 21-40 W/In 2
  • Up to 900°F Max. Sheath Temperature
  • Up to 750°F Max. Barrel Temperature
  • Heavy Duty Anti-Torque Post Terminals (Type P)
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Efficient Heat Transfer is provided by high quality nickel chromium resistor wire wound on a selected mica strip and enclosed in a die-formed aluminum coated steel sheath.
Long-Term Durability is assured by non-hygroscopic mica insulation.
Uniform Fit to ± 1/16" because of low expansion stainless steel clamping band, which assures maximum heat distribution.
Easy to Apply due to two-piece construction. Each heater is rated 240V. Connect in series for 480V; parallel for 240V.
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Post Terminals complete with hardware, are designed to prevent excess torsion during tightening of connections. Standard #10-32 threads.
Reliable Performance and Quick Temperature Response

Watts Volts W/In2 Dimensions (In.) Model No. Wt.
Barrel Dia. Heater Width
500240/480303 1/21 1/2MB3J1J2P10.7
700240/4803741 1/2MB4A1J2P10.8
750240/480354 1/21 1/2MB4J1J2P10.8
600240/480274 3/41 1/2MB4N1J2P10.8
900240/480394 7/81 1/2MB4Q1J2P10.8
700240/4803051 1/2MB5A1J2P10.9
900240/4803851 1/2MB5A1J2P20.9
900240/480365 1/41 1/2MB5E1J2P10.9
800240/480315 1/21 1/2MB5J1J2P10.9
850240/4803061 1/2MB6A1J2P11
1,000240/4803561 1/2MB6A1J2P21
750240/480256 1/41 1/2MB6E1J2P11
950240/480316 1/21 1/2MB6J1J2P11
1,200240/480396 1/21 1/2MB6J1J2P21
1,000240/480246 1/22MB6J2A2P11
1,000240/480316 3/41 1/2MB6N1J2P11
1,000240/4803071 1/2MB7A1J2P11.2
1,000240/480297 1/41 1/2MB7E1J2P11.2
900240/480207 1/42MB7E2A2P11.3
1,200240/480357 3/81 1/2MB7G1J2P11.2
1,000240/480287 1/21 1/2MB7J1J2P11.2
1,200240/480347 1/21 1/2MB7J1J2P21.2
1,000240/480277 3/41 1/2MB7N1J2P11.2
1,000240/480277 7/81 1/2MB7Q1J2P11.2
1,100240/4803581 1/4MB8A1E2P11.4
1,000240/4802781 1/2MB8A1J2P11.4
1,300240/4803581 1/2MB8A1J2P21.4
1,200240/480308 1/21 1/2MB8J1J2P11.5
1,400240/480358 1/21 1/2MB8J1J2P21.5
1,600240/480308 1/22MB8J2A2P11.5
1,300240/4803191 1/2MB9A1J2P11.6
1,500240/4803591 1/2MB9A1J2P2/1.6
1,800240/480309 1/22MB9J2A2P11.7
2,000240/480339 3/42MB9N2A2P11.8
1,000240/48021101 1/2MB10A1J2P12.1
1,400240/48030101 1/2MB10A1J2P22.1
2,000240/4804010 1/21 1/2MB10J1J2P12.4
*Add /240 or /480 to model number to determine desired voltage.
Watt densities shown are based on heated area of contact surface only.
Til bestilling(Angiv modelnummer)
Vare nummer/Desc.
Example part numbers are shown below. For additional configurations see the Part Number Builder below this table.
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
450W,band heater
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
400W, band heater
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
500W, band heater
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
700W, band heater
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
900W, band heater
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
1000W, band heater
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Beholdning: 8 uger 
1000W,band heater
All amounts shown in DKK


Build Your Part Number Below
Beskrivelse af tilvalg:

(1) Code in Part Number select from:
3 for code 3
4 for code 4
5 for code 5
6 for code 6
7 for code 7
8 for code 8
9 for code 9
10 for code 10

(2) Code in Part Number select from:
A for code A
E for code E
G for code G
J for code J
N for code N
Q for code Q

(3) Code in Part Number select from:
1 for code 1
2 for code 2

(4) Code in Part Number select from:
A for code A
E for code E
J for code J

(5) Code in Part Number select from:
1 for code 1
2 for code 2
Noter: Ikke alle kombinationer er nødvendigvis gyldige. Se specifikationerne for gyldige delnumre.
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