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USB Process Inputs & Thermocouple data Acquisition system - Discontinued


USB Process Inputs & Thermocouple data Acquisition system | OMB-DAQ-54/55/56

USB Process Inputs & Thermocouple data Acquisition system

DKK6.845,00 OMB-DAQ-54

1 year warranty CE
  • Multi-Function Data Acquisition Module with USB Interface
  • High-Resolution, 22-Bit A/D Converter
  • Ultra Low-Power Design Requires No External Power or Batteries
  • Built-in Cold Junction Compensation for Direct Thermocouple Measurements
  • Digital I/O Lines with Open Collector Output for Direct Drive Applications (OMB-DAQ55/56 only)
  • Frequency/Pulse/Duty-Cycle Measurements up to 1 MHz (OMB-DAQ55/56 only)
  • 500 V Optical Isolation from PC for Safe and Noise-Free Measurements
  • Programmable Inputs from +31 mV to +20 V Full Scale
  • Can Be Located up to 5 Metres from the PC
  • Expandable up to 80 Channels of Analogue and Digital I/O (OMB-DAQ55/56 only)
  • Up to 100 OMB-DAQ-55/56 Modules Can Be Attached to One PC Using USB Hubs, for a Total Capacity of 8,000 Channels
  • Spreadsheet-Style Software for Set-up, Acquisition, & Real- Time Display, PostView for Post-Acquisition Viewing
  • Drivers for Visual Basic, Delphi, & C++ for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/VISTA & DASYLab & LabVIEW


The OMB-DAQ55-Series has been discontinued. Please click see OMB-DAQ-2416-Series for a potential replacement.

Click on this link if you need more information about Data Acquisition .

The OMB-DAQ-54, OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56 Personal Daqs are full-featured process & thermocouple data acquisition products with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. Designed for high accuracy and resolution, the 22-bit OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 data acquisition systems directly measure multiple channels of voltage, thermocouple, pulse, frequency, and digital I/O (the OMB-DAQ-54 does not have digital, frequency I/O). A single cable to the PC provides high-speed communication and power to the OMB-DAQ-54/55/56. No additional batteries or power supplies are required, except when using bus-powered hubs.

The OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 modules are the first products in a new family of low-cost, USB-based products from OMEGA. Because of the strict power limitations of the USB, the modules incorporate special powermanagement circuitry to ensure adherence to USB specifications.

The OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 avoid many of the limitations of PC-Card (PCMCIA) data acquisition devices and offer advantages over many PC plug-in data acquisition boards as well.

The OMB-DAQ-54 data acquisition system offers 10 single-ended or 5 differential analogue (up to ±20 V full scale) or thermocouple input channels with 16 programmable ranges and 500 V optical isolation.

The OMB-DAQ-55 offers 10 single-ended or 5 differential analogue (up to ±20 V full scale) or thermocouple input channels,16 programmable ranges, 500 V optical isolation, 8 digital I/O lines, and 2 frequency/ pulse/ duty-cycle channels.

The OMB-DAQ-56 offers twice the I/O capacity as the OMB-DAQ-55 in the same size package.

To simplify attachment of signals and transducers, the OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 modules feature convenient, removable screw-terminal input connections.

Personal DaqViewTM a graphical data acquisition software, an easy-to-use yet powerful application is provided with the OMB-DAQ-54, OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56 at no additional charge. The software allows users to configure a test, and display or record data within minutes, without programming.

Personal DaqView lets the user
Select one of any OMB-DAQ devices connected to the system
Set up, configure and display analogue, frequency, counter and digital I/O channels in real time
Easily and quickly configure acquisition parameters such as trigger events, stop events and acquisition scan rates
View real-time analogue, frequency, and digital I/O using extensive charting and metering displays
Acquire analogue, frequency, and digital I/O channels to disk in real time
AView acquisition status at a glance, including triggered time/date, acquisition progress, as well as acquisition destination file

Real-Time Displays
Personal DaqView allows the creation of real-time displays using built-in display options, including digital, dial meter, bar graph, and strip chart displays. No programming is required — simply point, click, and drag desired display options to create a visual display screen.

The OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 are also shipped with PostView, a postacquisition application that permits you to display acquired data previously saved to a file. Drivers for Visual Basic, Delphi and C++ for Windows98/2000/XP/VISTA, are also included. In addition, drivers are available for icon-based software packages, such as DASYLab and LabVIEW.


Expandable Inputs
The OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56 are expandable through the use of the OMB-PDQ1 and OMB-PDQ2 expansion modules as shown in the table below. The OMB-DAQ54 does not have any expansion capability.
OMB-DAQ and Expansion System Channel Capacities
Product or System Volts/TC
Digital I/O Freq/Pulse
OMB-DAQ-54 5 DE, 10 SE None None
OMB-DAQ-55 5 DE, 10 SE 8 2
OMB-DAQ-56 10 DE, 20 SE 16 4
OMB-PDQ1 Expansion Module 10 DE, 20 SE 16 -
OMB-PDQ2 Expansion Module 20 DE, 40 SE - -
OMB-DAQ-55 + OMB-PDQ1 15 DE, 30 SE 24 2
OMB-DAQ-55 + OMB-PDQ2 25 DE, 50 SE 8 2
OMB-DAQ-56 + OMB-PDQ1 20 DE, 40 SE 32 4
OMB-DAQ-56 + OMB-PDQ2 30 DE, 60 SE 16 4
* DE = Differential Inputs, SE= Single-endied inputs.
Thermocouples are only available as differential inputs(DE)

Thermocouple Inputs and Ranges
J -100 to 700°C
K -200 to 1200°C
T -100 to 400°C
E -100 to 500°C
R 400 to 1400°C
S 400 to 1400°C
B 700 to 1400°C
N -100 to 700°C

Input Voltage Ranges
Differential Single-ended
-20 V to +20 V 10 V to +20 V
-10 V to +10 V 10 V to +10 V
-5 V to +5 V 5 V to +5 V
-4 V to +4 V 4 V to +4 V
-2.5 V to +2.5 V 2.5 V to +2.5 V
-2 V to +2 V 2 V to +2 V
-1.25 V to +1.25 V 1.25 V to +1.25 V
-1 V to +1V 1 V to +1 V
-625 mV to +625 mV 625 mV to +625 mV
-500 mV to +500 mV 500 mV to +500 mV
-312 mV to +312 mV 312 mV to +312 mV
-250 mV to +250 mV 250 mV to +250 mV
-156 mV to +156 mV 156 mV to +156 mV
-125 mV to +125 mV 125 mV to +125 mV
-62 mV to +62 mV 62 mV to +62 mV
-31 mV to +31 mV 31 mV to +31 mV

Speed Versus Resolution
Max. Sample Rate (Continous Calibration Disabled) Resolution
(Bits RMS)
Voltage Thermocouple
1 Channel/Scan 10 Channel/Scan 1 Channel/Scan 10 Channel/Scan
610 ms
(50/60 Hz
1.6 Hz
(625 ms)
0.16 Hz
(6.25 secs)
1.5 Hz
(667 ms)
0.16 Hz
(6.25 secs)
12.5 ms 66 Hz
(15 ms)
7.8 Hz
(128 ms)
25 Hz
(40 ms)
6 Hz
(167 ms)

500 V from PC
Power Requirements: Powered from USB, or from external
+6 to +16 VDC when used with a bus-powered hub
Environmental: 0 to 50°C (0 to 122°F)
95% RH (non-condensing)
92 W x 182 L x 45 mm H
(3.6 x 7.1 x 1.6")

Analogue Specifications
Each channel is configurable for single-ended
or differential, Volts, or thermocouple inputs
10 single-ended, 5 differential; Volts or TC channels
20 single-ended, 10 differential; Volts or TC channels

Thermocouple Type
and Temperature Ranges:

J (-100 to 700°C),
K (-200 to 1200°C),
T (-100 to 400°C),
E (-100 to 500°C),
R (400 to 1400°C),
S (400 to 1400°C),
B (700 to 1400°C),
N (-100 to 700°C)

Thermocouple Accuracy:
In very slow mode,
22 bit resolution, includes cold
junction compensation error:
J (±1.1°C), K (±1.2°C), T (±1.1°C);
E (±1.0°C), R (±2.5°C), S (±2.6°C),
B (±3.3°C), N (±1.5°C)

Cold Junction Compensation
Over-Voltage Protection: ±45 V relative to analog Lo
AC Common Mode Rejection: >120 dB @ 60 Hz
Channel-to-Channel Crosstalk:
<-120 dB (DC to 100 Hz);
OMB-DAQ-55/56: 0.015% of reading +0.002% of range (exclusive of noise)
OMB-DAQ-54: 0.015% of reading +0.004% of range (exclusive of noise)
Input Resistance: >10 M Ohm
(SE), >20 M Ohm (DE)
Bias Current: <1 nA (0-35°C)
  Frequency Measurements
(OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56 only)
OMB-DAQ-55: 2 frequency/pulse input channels
OMB-DAQ-56: 4 frequency/pulse input channels
Operating Modes: Pulse count
(totalise), duty-cycle, and frequency
Frequency Response:
DC to 1 MHz
Input Range:
±15 V absolute maximum
<1.3 V (low), >3.8 V (high)
Pull-Up Resistor: 27 K Ohm to +5 V
for switch or relay sensing
Debouncing: None, 0.8, 3.2,
or 13 mSec. (software selectable)
Totalise: Up to 232 counts/scan

Frequency & Duty-Cycle
(OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56 only)
Resolution: 7 digits.
Actual resolution depends on scan rate.
At 10 scans/s, resolution is 5 digits (10 ppm); at 1 scan/s, 6 digits (1 ppm)

Digital I/O
(OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56 only)
Each I/O line is individually
programmable as input or output.
OMB-DAQ-55: 8 digital I/O lines
OMB-DAQ-56: 16 digital I/O lines
Each I/O line includes an open-collector
driver with a 27 K Ohm pull-up resistor
to +5 V for output, and a Schmitt-trigger input buffer
Digital Input
Voltage Range: ±15 V Thresholds:
<1.3 V (low), >3.8 V (high)
Digital Output
Maximum Switch Voltage:

0 to +15 Vdc (20 V for <1 minute)
Maximum Switch Current:
150 mA/output continuous,
500 mA/output peak (<100 µs),
150 mA total continuous (per bank of 8 outputs)
Output Resistance: 10 Ohms max

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USB Cable, 5 metres
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Input Terminal Block (spare)
All amounts shown in DKK
Noter: Each unit is supplied with DaqVIEW Software drivers for Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi for Windows, terminal block, and a complete operator’s manual on CD.
Ordering Example: (1) OMB-DAQ-55 10 Channel DAS system with USB, DKK9.935,00
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