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Digital torque Meters with RS232 Output


Digital torque Meters with RS232 Output | HHTQ88

Digital torque Meters with RS232 Output

DKK6.655,00 HHTQ88

  • Digital toque meter with three Selectable Torque Units: kgf-cm, lb-in, N-cm
  • High (0.01) and Low (0.1) Resolution Modes
  • Fast and Slow Sampling Modes
  • Auto Shut-Off Extends Battery Life
  • Reading Hold
  • Stores Minimum and Maximum Readings with Push-Button Recall
  • RS232 PC Interface to Load Data into Your Logging or Recording Programs
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The HHTQ88 is a digital torque meter for automotive, automation, laboratories, and general industrial applications. The unit comes complete with the torque sensor with built-in 12 mm chuck and chuck key. Three selectable torque units (kgf-cm, lb-in, N-cm) give this instrument almost universal compatibility with all measuring systems. The HHTQ88 also has fast and slow sampling rates to fit most automation applications. The readings are easy to read, displayed in large 15 mm high digits. The RS232 serial interface allows you to download data for use in your data logging or recording programs.

Units: kgf-cm, lb-in, N-cm (N = Newtons)
Range: Up to 15 kgf-cm
Safe Overload: 150% of range
Functions: Auto off (after approx 20 min), reading hold, min and max
Accuracy: ±1.5% FS +5 digits, 23 ±5ºC, includes linearity, repeatability & hysteresis
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50ºC
Operating Humidity:<80% RH (non-condensing)
Sensor Chuck: 12 mm
Power: 9 V alkaline battery (included)
Sampling Time:
    Fast: Approximately 0.125 sec
    Slow: Approximately 0.334 sec
Data Output: RS232 PC serial output
Meter Dimensions: 180 x 72 x 32 mm
Sensor Dimensions: 48 D x 160 mm L
Meter Weight: 225 g
Sensor Weight: 665 g
Sensor Cable: 1 m

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RoHS compliant
Handheld digital torque meter
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RoHS compliancy undetermined
Windows software
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Noter: Comes complete with battery, meter, torque sensor, chuck key, hard carrying case and operator’s manual.