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Flow, niveau, pH, konduktivitet og miljØ

Model Description
AAV-1100 Air-Actuated Valve, 316L Stainless Steel, Normally Closed
AAV-1100B Air-Actuated Valve, Stainless Steel 316L, Normally Closed, Bi-Directional
AAV-1100C_ Air-Actuated Valve, Stainless Steel 316L, Normally Closed, Compact Design
AAV-1100CB Air-Actuated Valve, Stainless Steel 316L, Normally Closed Bi-Directional, Compact Design
AQM-101 Formaldehyde Monitor and Data Logger
AQM-102 Kuldioxidvagt og datalogger
AQM-103 Kuliltevagt og datalogger
BG18 Bargraph Displays, Horizontal or Vertical Scale
BRLK and SSLK Compression Fittings
BV70 Series Tube Compression Ball Valves 1/4 to 1"
BV80 Series Ball Valves with Lever Handle
BVP80 Series Ball Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Models
Calibrators Product Finder Calibrator Product Finder
Instrument Cases Carrying Cases
CCT Series Economical DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
CDB-387 Benchtop Microprocessor-Based Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS Meters
CDCE-90-001, CDCE-90-01,CDCE-90-1,CDCE-90-10, CE-90-20 Conductivity Cells
CDCN-961 Conductivity, Resistivity or TDS Controller
CDCN441 Conductivity or Resistivity Controller
CDCN442 Toroidal Conductivity or Concentration Analyzer
CDCN-5800 Conductivity/Resistivity Indicators
CDCN-91 Dual Channel Conductivity/ResistivityController
CDH-93 Resistivity and Conductivity Tester
CDH-SD1 Konduktivitet, TDS og saltmåler med datalogger i realtid til SD-kort
CDH221 and CDH222 Økonomisk konduktivitetsmåler og konduktivitets-/TDS-måler med RS232
CDH-23 CDH-27 CDH-29 Analogue Resistivity and Conductivity Meters
CDH-287-KIT Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity Meter
CDH45 Handheld Salinity Meter
CDH-5021 CDH-5022 TDH-5031 PHH-5011 PHH-5012 ORP-5041 pH-, ORP-, konduktivitets- og TDS-testere
CDH-720 TDS-720 Series Water-Resistant Conductivity/TDS Meters with Visual Alarm
CDH-80MS, PHH-60BMS, PHH-60BTDS, PHH-80BMS and PHH-80BTDS Four-range Portable Digital Conductivity Meters
CDH-90 CDH-95 Handheld Resistivity and Salt Meters
CDSA Series Konduktivitetskalibreringsløsninger
CDS106 Portable Conductivity, TDS, Temperature and Salt Meter
CDS107 Portable pH, ORP, Conductivity,TDS, Salt and Temperature Meter
CDTX-111 & CDTX-112 Conductivity and Temperature Monitor and Controller
CDTX-45T Toroidalt konduktivitetssystem
CDTX1200 Series Conductivity Transmitters Using 4-Ring Technology
CDTX-45 Isolated Conductivity Transmitter
CL250 Frequency Calibrator
CL3001 Lab Calibrator
CL601K OMEGA SCIENTIFIC™ Calibration Simulators - Low Cost
CL940 Industrial Thermocouple Calibrator
ACCESSORIES FOR THE CLCN Series Process Chlorine/chlorine Dioxide Analyzer Accessories
FCLTX Series Free Chlorine Sensors
CLH-1740 Chlorine Analyzer
CNi Series Family i-Series 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 DIN Programmable Temperature/Process Controllers with RS-232 & RS-485 Communications.
CNI8C and CNIS8C 1/8 DIN PID-controllere til temperatur, proces og belastning i ultrakompakt kabinet
CNI8DH and CNI8DV 1/8 DIN PID-controllere til temperatur, proces og belastning med dobbelt display
PT-Demo Platinum Series Demonstrator
DC1200 Colourimeter
DHT-40 Precision Pen Style Hardness Tester
DOH-SD1 Måler til opløst oxygen med realtidsdatalogger til SD-kort
DOH-247-KIT Splashproof, Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
DOTX441 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter, Analyzer and Controller
DOTX-45 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
DP20 1⁄8 DIN Multisignal Panel Meter
DP41 1/8 DIN 6-Digit Panel Meters
DP6060 Series 1/8 DIN Dual Input Process Panel Meter
DP63100 1/8 DIN Universal Process Panel Meter with built-in USB
DPC10 Series Mini Counters
DPF-310 Series Batch Controller with Two Stage Valve Control
DPF11,DPF12 Batch Controller
DPF140-Series Rate and Total Flow Meter Indicator
DPF20 Panel Meter for Frequency, Rate, Total or Period Counter, 6-Digit, ⅛ DIN
DP-F30 Series Two Stage Batch Controller/Ratemeter
DPF300 Series Economical 4-20 mA Loop-Powered Indicator
DPF60 Series Analogue Input Ratemeter/Totaliser
DPF70 Series Frequency Input Ratemeter/Totalizer
DPF708/DPF808 Series Multifunction Totalizers with Batch Control
DPF75 Ratemeters, Totalizers and Batch Controllers for Frequency Inputs
DPF80 Dual Ratemeter/Totalizer
DPF940000 Series 1/16 DIN Counter and Batch Controllers
DPi Series i-Series 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 DIN temperatur-/procespanelmålere
DPi32 i-Series 1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Panel Meters
DPi8C and DPiS8C i-Series 1/8 DIN Ultra Compact Temperature, Process and Strain Meters
DPU91_Conductivity Multi-Parameter Input Transmitter For Conductivity, Resistivity and Salinity
DPU91_FLOW Multi-Parameter Input Transmitter
DPU91_pH Inputtransmitter med flere parametre for pH/ORP
DRF-FR Signalbetinger til frekvensinput
DRFH Series Digital Refractometers
DRI-AC AC Powered AC Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-DC AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-DC-LA AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Limit Alarm
DRI-FR AC Powered Frequency Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-LPI_ Input Loop Powered DIN Rail Multi-Channel Isolators
DRI-LPO-Series Output Loop Powered DIN Rail Multi-Channel Isolators
DRI-PT AC Powered Potentiometer Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRI-SP-AC AC Powered DC Input DIN Rail Signal Splitter
DRI-SP-DC DC Powered DIN Rail 4 to 20 mA Signal Splitter
DRI-U_SERIES Universal Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRSL-DC1 Isolated DIN Rail Repeater
DRSL-DC2 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRSL-DC3 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRSL-DC4 Bipolar Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner for Process Signals
DRSL-LPI_Series DIN Rail Input Loop-Powered Isolators
DRSL-LPO_Series DIN Rail 2-Wire Transmitter Isolators
DRSL-RTD-LP RTD Input Non-Isolated DIN Rail Loop-Powered Signal Conditioner
DRSL-RTD_Series RTD Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
DRSL-SP1 Isolated DIN Rail Repeater/Splitter for Current Signals
DRSL-SP2 Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner/Splitter for Process Signals
DRSL-SP3 Bipolar Isolated DIN Rail Signal Conditioner/Splitter for Process Signals
DRSL-TC_Series Thermocouple Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
DRSL-TEMP Isolated DIN Rail Loop-Powered Temperature Signal Conditioner
DRSL-U Isolated Universal Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioner
DRST-UN Universal Transmitter
DRST-UR Universal Transmitter
DVT Series Electronic Drain Valves
FC-21 and FC-22 Multifunction Flow Computers
FD-400 Series Doppler-ultralydsflowmeter
FD613 and FD614 Bærbare Doppler-ultralydsflowmålere
FDP10 Electronic Volumetric Flowmeters
FDT-25 Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit
FDT-25W Wall Mount Ultrasonic Flow Meter
FDT-30 Series Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter
FDT-30 Series Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter
FDT100 Series In-Line Ultrasonic Flowmeter with Flange Fittings
FDT21W Series  - Discontinued Wall Mount Ultrasonic FlowMeter
FDT500 In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter
FDT7000 Transittid for ultralydsflowmåler til rene væsker
FHG-1112 Screw Gear Flowmeter for High Viscosity Liquids
FL-10 Series Rotameter for Liquid Flow
FL-2500 Direct Read Acrylic Rotameter Kits
FL-6100B, FL-6300B, FL-6700B, FL-7600B and FL-7900B In-line Flowmeters With Limit Switches
FL-9300 Series Easy-View Flowmeters
FL-O5 Lube/Coolant Flow Monitor
Capacities: 1 to 20 GPM
FL-X3 Flow Monitors for Corrosive or Ultrapure Fluids
Capacities: 0.5 to 7 GPM of Water
Fl1200 Economical Purge Rotameters
FL-1600 Heavy Duty Industrial Rotameters - Capacity: 0.2 to 23.7 l/m of Water; 6 to 729 slm of Air
FL-1800 Variable Area Flow Meters for Corrosive Applications
FL-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8GP Multi-tube Variable Area Flow Meters/Gas Proportioning Variable Area Flow Meters
FL-2000 Akrylflowmålere
FL-2100A In-line Flowmeters
FL-2700A, FL-6700A, FL-7700A and FL-8700A Pneumatic In-line Flowmeters
FL-2900, FL-6900, FL-7900 and FL-8900 Pneumatic In-line Flowmeters With Multi-pressure Flow Scales
FL2AA Series Multiple Tube Variable Area Flow Meters
FL-3000SA Series PTFE-Variable Area Flow Meter med PTFE-ventiler
FL30000 Economical Flowmeters For Measuring Water In a Closed Pipe System
FL3200, FL3300, FL3400, FL3500 Series 65 AND 150 mm Variable Area Flow Meter s
FL-3600 FL-3700 FL-3800 FL-3900 65 MM OG 150 MM VARIABLE AREA FLOW METER
FL4200, FL4300, FL4400, FL4500,FL4600 Economical, OEM Style Acrylic Variable Area Flow Meters
FL45100 In-line Flowmeters With Half Union Adaptors
FL-45200A High-capacity In-line Flowmeters
FL46300 In-line Flow meters
FL-500 Inline-flowmålere til brug med vand og luft
FL50000A Panel Mount Flowmeters
FL500-R Proximity Switches for Use With Fl-500 Series Flowmeters
FL-500UP In-line Flowmeters for Ultra-pure Water
FL-500WW Inline-flowmålere
FL600 Stainless Steel Frame Flowmeters
FL-6100A and FL-6300A Kapacitet for økonomiske inline-flowmålere: 0,1 til 15 GPM vand/0,1 til 15 GPM olie
FL-6100, FL-6300, FL-6700, FL-7600 and FL-7900 In-line Flowmeters With Limit Switches
FL-6400 Economical In-line Flowmeters
FL7200, FL7300, FL-7400, FL-7500 and FL-7600 Economical, OEM Style Acrylic Variable Area Flow Meters
FL-7100 and FL-7300 Economical In-line Flowmeters .1 to 30 GPM of Oil
FL-75 Low Cost Industrial Rotameters With Capacities: 0.5 to 200 GPM of Water
FL-8100A and FL-8300A Large Capacity In-line Flowmeters - Capacities: 3 to 150 GPM of Water/3 to 150 GPM of Oil
FL-86 Series All Plastic Variable Area Flow Meters
FL900 Heavy Duty Flowmeters With Stainless Steel Enclosures
FL-9000, FL-9100 and FL-9200 Easy-view Flowmeters
FL9000-AC Series Easy-View Flow meters with Adjustable Flow Alarm
FLC Series Clear In-Line Flowmeters
FLCN-111 and FLCN-111-CE Single Sensor Controller
FLCN-101 Flow Alert Single Sensor Controller
FLD Series Variable Area Flow Meter til direkte aflæsning
FLD100 Series Stainless Steel Frame Industrial Flowmeters
FLD1000 and FLD2000 Series Direct Read In-Line and Panel Rotameters
FLH Series Polypropylene Quick-Connect Hose Couplings
FLMG Series In-line Pneumatic Flowmeters
FLMH and FLMW Series Economical In-line Liquid Flowmeters
FLR D Series Flowmeter med digitalt display og analog udgang
FLR1000 Sensorer for luft-/vandflow med output på 0 til 5 VDC
FLR1000ST Series Low Flow Turbine Meters Stainless Steel Construction
FLR-1600A AND FLV-4600A Series Water Flowmeters and Controllers for Low Flow. Minimum flow is 0.01 ml/min
FLSC-C1-LIQ Series integral or remote signal conditioner
FLSC-C3-LIQ Series integral or remote signal conditioner
FLSC-18, FLSC-28, FLSC-34, FLSC-35 and FLSC-51 Flow Meter Signal Conditioners: Frequency, Voltage, or Current Outputs
FLSC-60 Series Direct Mounting Signal Conditioners for FTB-900, FTB-930,FTB-9500, FTB-950 and FTB-970/980 Series Turbine Flowmeters
FLSC-AMP Low Level Pulse Amplifier
FLSW3400 and FLSW3500 Series Rotameter with Alarm
FLT Series ACCESSORY FLOWTUBES For Use with FL-3000 Series Variable Area Flow Meters, Multitube Assemblies and Gas Proportioners
FL-W Series Rugged, Economical Flowmeters Capacity: 0.2 to 90 GPM of Water
FMA-LP2600A Low Pressure Drop Gas Mass Flow Controllers For Clean Gases
FMA-PC16 Portable Mass Flow meter and Calibration Kit
FMA-1600A Flowmålere til masse og volumen
FMA1700A_1800A Series Økonomiske gasmasseflowmålere til rene gasser med integreret display som ekstraudstyr
FMA-2600 SERIES Mass Flow Controllers with 20+ Gas Select Function
FMA2700, FMA2800, FMA3700, FMA3800 Series Stainless Steel Mass Flowmeters and Controllers
FMA3100, FMA3200, FMA3300, FMA3400 Økonomiske masseflowcontrollere og -målere til alle rene gasser
FMA-4100/4300 Series Programmerbar masseflowmåler og totaliser
FMA5400 and FMA5500 Økonomiske gasmassecontrollere med eller uden integreret display
FMA5400 and FMA5500 Economical Gas Mass Controllers With or Without Integral Display
FMA-5600and FMA-5700 Versatile Electronic Mass Flowmeters Now Available With Rugged 316SS Flow Body
FMA6500 Series Mass Flow Controller w/RS-485 Standard and Alarm Functions
FMA6600 and FMA6700 Series Multi Parameter Mass Flowmeter
FMA-700A and FMA-800A High Flowrate Mass Controllers and Meters for All Clean Gases
FMA-7100, FMA-7200 and FMA-7300 Mass Flow Device
FMA7400 & FMA7500 Series Multi-Range Multi-gas Flowmeters and Controllers
FMA-8500 High Pressure, High Repeatability Mass Flowmeters for Clean Gases
FMA-A2100, FMA-A2200,FMA-A2300 and FMA-A2400 Masseflowmålere og -controllere med eller uden integreret display
FMG-550 Series Insertion Metal Magmeter
FMG3000 and FMG3100 Series Magnetisk flowmåler (indføringsmodel)
FMG470 Flanged Magnetic Flow Meter w/Integrated Display, Pulse & Optional 4-20mA Output
FMG600 Series Magnetic Flow Meter Electromagnetic Flowmeters
FMG70 Series Magnetiske induktive flowsensorer
FMG70B Electromagnetic Low Flow Meter
FMG90 Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter With PVDF and 316L Construction
FMG900 Series Magnetisk flowmåler til indføring
FMK and FPP Series Accessories and Flow Ranges for FP-5100, FP-5200 and FP-5300 Sensors
FMX Series Static Mixers
FMXD11 Top-to-Bottom Bung-Entering Tube Mixers
FP Series Fittings Monteringsarmaturer til sensorer
FP1520 Series Digital Flow Paddlewheel Transmitters
FP-2540/FP-3-1500 Series High Performance Flow Sensors
FP-5200 and FP-3 Rugged, Reliable All-metal Sensors
FP-319 The Downtime Eliminator: Wet Tap Valve Assemblies
FP-5070-PV Series Mini-flow Sensors
FP-5100 Pure PVDF or Polypro Flow Monitoring Systems
FP-5100 and FP-5300 Skovlhjul til flowsensorer
FP-5600 and FP-8500 Low Flow Sensors
FP-6500 Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensors
FP-8000 Paddlewheel Flow Sensors Non-magnetic Design Tolerates Some Rust
FP90 Series Flow Transmitter with rate/total display - relay outputs available
FPB100 Series Paddlewheel Flow Sensor
FPD1000B series Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters for Viscous Fluids
FPD1004, FPD1204, FPD1105, FPD1205, FPD1006, FPD1007 Positive Displacement (PD) High Flowmeters for Viscous Fluids
FPD2000 Series Flowmålere med positiv forskydning
FPD3000 Positive Displacement Flow Meter for Fuels and Oils
FPD3100 Positive Displacement FlowMeter for Corrosive Liquids
FPD3200 Positive Displacement FlowMeter for Industrial Processes
FPD3300 Positive Displacement FlowMeter for solvents
FPDM1004, FPDM1005, FPDM1006, FPDM1007 Positive Displacement (PD) Mechanical Flowmeters for Viscous Fluids
FPDM3000 Oval Gear Totaliser for Viscous Liquids
FPM-5750 Battery Powered Flow Indicator and Totalizer
FPM-5000 Series Accessory Fittings for FPM-5000 Series Indicators
FPM-5500 Flow Indicators and Totalizers With Analog & Digital Displays
FPM-5800 -SCALED-(**) Economical Sensor-powered Flow Indicators
FPM-9020A Batch Controllers
FPR-100 Liquid Flow Sensors for Visual Indication, Remote Sensing, and Flow Alarm
FPR-1500 PTFE Liquid Flow Sensors
FPR-200 Væskeflowtransmittere med visuel indikation
FPR301, FPR302, FPR303, FPR304 Væskeflowmålere med lavt flow i polypropylen og TFE
FPT-6100 and FPT-6200 High Accuracy Pitot Tubes
FPT-6300 High Accuracy Pitot Tubes for Wet Tap Installations
FPUD300 Motor Driven Drum Pumps with Corrosion-Resistant Construction
FPUD400 Series Medium Viscosity Drum Pumps
FPUD500 Series High Viscosity Drum Pumps
FPUHP Series Hand Dispensing Pumps
FPURV, FPURV and FPUSG Pump Accessories
FST-200 Series Thermal Flow Switches for Liquids
FST-200-R and FST-300-R Flow Switch With Compact Relay Controller
FST-320 Thermal Flow Switches for Gases
FSV-AT2000 Solenoid Valve Timers for DIN 43650A Connectors
FSV10 Series Electronically Controlled Proportional Valves
FSV-2100 2-way Air Operated Angle Seat Valves
FSV-30 Pilot Operated Niploy Solenoid Valves
FSV40 2-way Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve for Water, Hydraulic Oil and Air
FSW-25 Paddle Type Liquid Flow Switch Trim to Size
FSW-410 Series Flow and Temperature Switches
FSW-420 & FSW-430 Series Thermal Flow Switches
FSW-21 and FSW-22 Trim-to-size Paddle Type Switches for ‘flow/no Flow’ Detection for Piping Systems 1 1/4" and Up
FSW-30A, FSW-3A1 and FSW-32A Industrial Flow Switches From 0.12 to 70 GPM Non-magnetic - ideal for Rusty Water
FSW300 Series In-Line Flow Switches, PVC or Brass
FSW301 Trim to size Paddle Flow Switch
FSW-40A and FSW-50 Industrial Flow Switches - From 2 to 15 Feet/second
FSW500 FSW500 Series Low Cost Units For Threaded Plastic Piping
FSW530 Series Liquid Micro-Flow Switches
FSW-6000 and FSW-7000 Series Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches
FSW800 Series Luftflowmålere med kompakt blæser og filterblæser
FSW800B Compact Fan and Filter Fan Air Flow Monitor
FSW811 Mechanical Air Flow Switch
FSW-9000 Series Liquid Flow Trasmitter and Switch Liquid Flow Transmitter and Switch
FT-CLAMP Tubing Clamps
FT-6000 Series Nickel-Plated Brassluer Fittings, Adaptors and Manifolds
FTB-1400-D Flow Monitor Digital Displays
FTB-100 Turbine Flowmeter With NPT End Fittings
FTB1300 Series Economical Liquid Turbine Flowmeters
FTB1400 Series Economical Liquid Turbine Flowmeters
FTB-200 Economical Ball Bearing Turbine Flowmeters With 37 Degree Flare Fittings.
FTB2000 Series Economical Flowrate Sensors
FTB300 Series Micro-flow meter
FTB3001,FTB3002 Positive Displacement (PD) Flowmeters
FTB370 Series Turbine Flow Sensors (DK)
FTB380 Series Turbine Flowmeters for Fuel
FTB-400A & FTB-410A Hygiejniske turbineflowmålere til måling af procesvæske
FTB-4000, FTB-4100 Turbine Meters For Water Totalization
FTB4605 FTB4607 Long-life Pulse Output Water Meters For Remote Rate Indication and Totalization
FTB4700 and FTB4800 Series Low Flow Liquid Flowmeters
FTB500 Series High Accuracy, High Pressure, Low Flowmeters
FTB600B Series Alle plastflowsensorer til lavt til middelhøjt flow
FTB690A Series Economical Turbine Flowmeters with Local Display
FTB720 FTB730 FTB740 FTB760 FTB720-S FTB730-S FTB740-S FTB760-S Turbineflowmålere
FTB700-S Turbine Flow Meters Stainless Steel Flange Mount
FTB790 Series Turbineflowmålere med lokalt digitalt display
FTB8007A through FTB8020B Water Meters for Totalization and Rate Indication with Pulse
FTB8000B Series Water Meters for Totalization and Rate Indication with Pulse Output
FTB8000HW Series Hot Water Meters for Totalization and Rate Indication with Pulse Output
FTB-930 Ball Bearing Gas Turbine Flowmeters with Male NPT Fittings
FT-HFC12 Series Thermoplastic Quick Couplings – High Flow Couplings
FT-HFC-35 Series and FT-FFC-35 Series Thermoplastic Quick Couplings – High Flow Couplings
FT-LC Series Chrome-Plated Quick Couplings– Chrome-Plated Brass
Mechanically Keyed Brass Couplings
Chrome-Plated Brass 1/8" Flow
FT-PLC-12 Series THERMOPLASTIC QUICK COUPLINGS - Polypropylene 1/8" Flow, FT-PMC-12&1/4" Flow
Multiple Mounting Easily connects 3 to 5 lines
FT-TT,FT-TF Series SPECIALTY QUICK COUPLINGS Multitube Quick Couplings
FV-200 Series Vortex Flow Meter
FV100 Series Vortex-flowmåler til vand (temperatur er ekstraudstyr)
FVL-400 Control Valves
FVLT100 Series PTFE Needle Valves
FW1000 Series Wedge Flow Meter
Handheld Meters Product Finder Handheld meters Product Finder - Temperature, Humidity, pH, Conductivity, Voltage, Current, Flow, Pressure and much more!
HFD-1 Series Portable Ultrasonic Flaw (Inclusion) Detector
HFP Series Digital Hydraulic Tester
HGM Series Handheld Digital Grain Moisture Meter
HH-25U Single J/K/T Input Thermocouple Thermometer
HH-USD Series Håndholdt til temperatur, fugtighed og flow
HHAQ-104 Portable Oxygen Monitor and Data Logger
HHAQ-105 Handheld Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor
HHAQ-106 Handheld Psychrometer with Enthalpy Measurement
HHC200-Series Robuste håndholdte miljømålere til temperaturmåling. Dobbelt termokoblerindgang eller transportabelt infrarødt
HHC260-Series Rugged Handheld Environmental Meters Air Flow/Humidity/RPM/Light Measurement
HHEM-SD1 Series Handheld Environmental Meter
HHF-308 Håndholdt vindmåler med windchill-funktion
HHF-309 Håndholdt anemometer psykrometer med CFM/CMM og entalpi
HHF-312 Håndholdt vindmåler med flere funktioner samt miljøaflæsninger
HHF-SD1 Hot Wire Anemometer with Data Logger
HHF-SD2 Anemometer med blad og datalogger
HHF11A Lufthastighedsmåler med volumenflow/dugpunkt/våd kolbe/temp./fugtighed
HHF141 Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer{usb}{rs232}
HHF142 Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer with Volume Flow Calculation{RS232}{USB}
HHF143 Series Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer {usb}
HHF144 Series Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer, Temperature and Humidity Meter{USB}
HHF5000 Series High Quality Digital Rotating Vane Anemometer Kit
HHF802 Economical Vane Anemometer with 72mm Diameter Probe
HHF803 Metal Vane Anemometer
HHF81 4-i-1-lufthastighedsmåler - anemometer, hygrometer, lysmåler, termometer
HHF82 Economical Air Velocity Meter
HHF91 Volume Indicating Thermo-Anemometer Kit
HHF92A Håndholdt anemometer med roterende blad
HHLT-1 HHLT-1 ultralyds-lækagedetektor
HHLT-2 Handheld Refrigerant Leak Detector
HHPT-51 Handheld Particle Counter With SD Card Data Recorder and USB Interface
HHWT-11 Series Dip Strip Photometer for free and total chlorine
HHWT-12 Series Dip Strip Photometer Tests Water Over 40 Chemicals/Compounds
HHWT-14 Series Dip Strip Photometer Tests Water for Lead, Mercury and Cadmium
HHWT-SD1 Series Handheld Water Test Meter with Data Logging to SD Card
HSM50 Series Digital Handheld Moisture Meter
HX94B Relative Humidity/Ambient Temperature Transmitters
ISE-8700, ISE-8800 and ISE-8900 ISE Standards, Isa & Reference Outer-fill Solutions
ITK and R-ITK Individual Soil Test Kits
LA-13 Water Leak Alarm
LAB-24962 and LAB-24964 Large Weighted Safety Shields
LAB-24966 Series Splash Shields
LAB-24976 Series Beta Shields
LAB-37260 Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mortar
LAB-378860000 Pipette Aid
LAB-3789 Series Pipette Pump Pipettors Four Sizes
LAB-37902 Series Economy Pipette Pump III
LAB-37911 Series Fast Release Pipette Pump
LAB-410990000 Mini Vacuum Desiccator
LAB-42010 "Space Saver" Vacuum Desiccators
LAB-42029 Large Dome Vacuum Desiccator
LAB-420430000 Vacuum Chamber and Plate
LAB-500000002 Small Molded Benchtop Fume Hood
LAB-500000000 Series Large Molded Fume Hood
LAB-500002002 Observation Fume Hood
LDB-Series Large Displays for Temperature, Process, Rate, Total, Time and Serial Data. Panel or Wall Mount.
LDH-380 Refrigerant Leak Detector
LDP63200 Series Large Display Process Meter
LDPF63000 Large Display Meter for Digital Input
LDPF63100 Extra Large Display Meter for Digital Input
LK Series Retractable Lock-n-Load ALPHA pH/ORP Electrode Assemblies
LP-PS Series Power Supplies Strømforsyninger til DIN-skinne med lav profil, 15 til 100 Watt til 5, 12 og 24 VDC
Pulse Radar Level Transmitter
Pulse Radar Level Transmitter
Pulse Radar Level Transmitter
LTU-100A-R Tuning Fork Sensor
LTU-2000 Series Tuning Fork Sensors
LV-1301 Level Switch Heavy Duty Side-Mounted
LV-10 LOW COST LIQUID LEVEL SWITCHES Single Station, Vertical Mounting
LV-110 Drum Level Indicator
LV-1100/LV-1200 Side Mount Liquid Level Switches, non-magnetic
LV-120 Level Switch Kit
LV132 Discriminating Liquid Level Sensor
LV141,LV142 Universal Liquid Level Sensor
LV150 Series Self Checking High Level Indicator
LV160 Series High Level Indicator
LV171,LV172 Optical Liquid Level Sensor
LV3000 and LV4000 Series Capacitance Continuous Level Measurement Probes and Switch
LV40,LV50,LV51,LV52 316 Stainless Steel Liquid Level Switches
LV-60,LV-61,LV-70,LV-71,LV-80 Single Station Liquid Level Switches Broad Chemical Compatibility
LV600 Series Pump Up/Pump Down Level Controls Switches
LV751,LV752,LV753A,LV754 Radio Frequency Level Switch
LV800 Series RF Capacitance Point Level Sensors
LV90/LV100 Series Side-Mounted Liquid Level Switches for High,
Low or Intermediate Level Sensing
LVC-100-R Series Intrusive RF Capacitance Level Switch
LVC-152 Series Economical Capacitance Level Switch
LVC Series, LVC500 Series Low Cost Conductivity Level Switch Systems for Liquids Only
LVCF, LVCR, LVCP, and LVCN-200 Series Conductivity Level Switches
LVCN-100 Level Alert Single Sensor Controller
LVCN-11/LVCN-12 Electrical Housing with Terminal Strip
LVCN-110 Single Sensor Level Controller
LVCN-120 Three Sensor Level Controller
LVCN-130 Dual Sensor Level Controller
LVCN-140 Single Sensor Level Controller
LVCN-141, LVCN-131 Flow Switch Remote Controller
LVCN-20 Dual Sensor Level Controller
LVCN414 Series Kontaktløs niveaucontroller til brug i små tanke
LVCN4300 Series Capacitance Level Switches
LVCN-51 Proportional Level Controller
LVCN-80 Series Discontinued
LVD-803 and LVD-804 Series Fail-Safe Dry Material Rotary Paddle Level Switches
LVE-950 Series Optical Level Switch
LVH-200 Single Station Horizontal Level Switch
LVH-300 Horizontal Buoyancy Sensor
LVK10,LVK20,LVK30 Series Low Cost Liquid Level Switches
LVK-120,LVK-121 Custom Level Switch Starter Kit
LVK-130, LVK140, LVK150 and LVK-190 Compact Liquid Level Switches
LVK- 160,LVK- 170,LVK- 171,LVK180,LVK181 Side Mounted Liquid Level Controls
Ideal for Tight Spaces
LVK-91 Direct Side Mounted Level Controls
LVLK302 Discriminating Containment Sump Sensor
LVLK600 Series Portable System for Groundwater Monitoring
LVM Series Level Track Mounting Systems
LVM-50 Series Single-Switch Fitting Assemblies
LVM50, LVM40, LVM140 Series Combination Level-Temperature Sensors, Normally Closed
LVN-10,LVN-20 NEMA-6 Liquid Level Switches
LVN-40,LVN-50,LVN-52 High Temperature NEMA-6 Liquid Level Switches All Stainless Steel Construction
LVN-60,LVN-61,LVN-70 NEMA-6 Single Station Liquid Level Switches Broad Chemical Compatibility
LVN-90,LVN-91,LVN-92,LVN-93 NEMA-6 Side Mounted Liquid Level Switches For High, Low, or Intermediate Level Sensing
LVP-51 Non-Intrusive RF Capacitance Sensors
LVR20/30 Series Economical Liquid Level Liquid Level Transmitters Suitable For Levels to Six Feet
LVR200 Series Continuous Level Reed Switch Field Repairable
LVR300 Series Continuous Level Switch System with LCD Display
LVRD10 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter
LVRD500 Series Radar Level Transmitters Radar Level Transmitters
LVSC1 Dry Contact Signal Conditioners
LVU-150-R Series Ultrasonic Level Sensors
LVU-201A Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
LVU30 Series  - Discontinued Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter/Switch
LVU-303,LVU-301 Three-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
LVU41 and LVU42 Series Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Measurement
LVU800 Series Kontaktløs loopdrevet ultralydsniveautransmitter
LVV-110 Series Vertical Buoyancy Level Switch Sensors
M12C Series Extension Cables DC-kabelbundter til prober, sensorer og transmittere
MTA and BRLK Series Metriske adaptere & Armaturer
PHRE-L Series Replacement Electrodes for Leeds and Northrup Systems
Pneumatic Air Line Fittings for Metric and Standard Tubing Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Airline Fittings, Quick Connect and Disconnect Fittings for Airline Tubing
OM-CP-EGGTEMP Series Egg Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
OM-CP-PH101 pH and Temperature Data Logger
OM-CP-SMR101A Soil Moisture Data Logger
OM-CP-WIND101A-KIT Wind Speed Data Logger
OM-EL-USB-CO Carbon Monoxide Data Loggers with USB Interface
OM-SGD-43-A 4.3" programmable smart graphics display
OM-SGD-SERIES Smart Graphics Displays
OMSL Modular Stacking Beacons Signal50 Lamper og sirener til advarselstårne. 50 mm diam.
OPC Server OPC Server Software License{WINXP}{VISTA}{WIN7}
Industrial Electrodes
OSAT Egensikker infrarød temperaturføler
PHA-4, PHA-7 and PHA-10 pH-bufferopløsninger
PHA-85, PHA-89, PHA90, PHA-100 and PHA-4710 pH Buffers and Indicator Papers
PHB-600R pH Benchtop Meter with RS232 Communications
PHB21 pH/mV Benchtop Meter
PHB-357 Microprocessor-based Benchtop pH/mV Meters
PHCN-961, PHCN-962 pH Controller
PHCN-37 ORCN-37 pH-controller med automatisk temperaturkompensation
PHCN-70 116 DIN pH Controller
PHDG80A Portable Digital Dissolved Oxygen Temperature Meters
PHE-4580 and ORP-4580 By Pass pH/ORP Electrodes
PHE-5460 and ORE-5460 Inline-pH/ORP-elektroder med plan overflade
PHE-6510, PHE-6511, ORE-6510, and ORE-6511 Submersible Flat Surface pH/ORP Elecrtodes
PHE-6510B Series pH/ORP-elektroder med plan overflade til neddykning
PHE-1478, PHE-1479, PHE-1525, PHE-1526 Glass-bodied and Refillable
PHRE Series Electrodes for Beckman Systems
PHE-1300, PHE-1400 and PHE-2300 ALpHA®-serie af robuste gelfyldte elektroder
PHE-1478, PHE-1479, PHE-1525 and PHE-1526 pH Electrodes- Glass Filled and Specialty
PHE-2100, PHE-2700,
PHE-3000 and PHE-9900
Alpha® Laboratory pH Electrodes Combination Electrodes, Sensing and Reference Half Cells
PHE-2121 Alpha®ph Combination Electrodes for Laboratory Use
PHE-4200 Clear Epoxy-bodied, Gel-filled Combination Alpha® Electrodes
PHE-4810 High Accuracy Alpha pH Electrodes
ORE-5432, DOE-5431,PHE-5431, PHE-5433 Steam Sterilizable 12 mm Electrodes
PHE-5431-10 Series High Temperature Insertion Type Electrode
PHE-5433-10 Triple Junction pH Electrode
PHE-5555-10 Series Bayonet Twist-Lock pH Sensor
PHE-5570-10 Valve Insertion Sensors
PHE-5580-20,PHE-5590-20 Industrial Ground Loop Protection and Solution Ground pH Sensors
PHE-6300, PHE-5300, PHE-2114 and PHE-1304 Preamplified Alpha® Electrodes
Industrial Electrodes
PHE-6820, PHE-6821, ORE-6820, and ORE-6821 Retractable pH/ORP Electrodes for Tanks and Main Lines
PHE-7151;ORE-7151;PHE-5312 Industrielektroder
PHE-7352-15,PHE-7353-15 Heavy-Duty pH Sensor For Submersible Applications
PHE-7357-10, PHE-5551-10 General Purpose ½" MNPT pH Sensor
PHE-7451-15,PHE-7354-15 General Purpose pH Sensor for Viscous Applications
PHEH-51PG,PHEH-51S,PHEH-51F Fittings For 12 Mm Electrodes to Facilitate Universal Installations
PHETX-600 Series Differential pH or ORP Probes
PHH-37 Håndholdt pH-måler med RS232-kommunikation og software
PHH-7000 Series OMEGAETTE(tm) pH- og konduktivitetstestere
PHH-SD1 pH/ORP-måler med datalogger i realtid
PHH60 and PHH80 POCKET PAL® Series of HandheldInstruments Dual pH/conductivity the Most Popular Pocket Pal® meters
PHH103B Portable pH/mV Temperature Meter
PHH222 Økonomisk pH-måler eller pH/mv-måler - Discontinued
PHH-253-KIT Portable pH/mV Meters with ATC
PHH-257-KIT Splashproof Portable pH/mV Measurement Kits
PHH-3X Litmustik® Pocket pH Testers with Replaceable Electrodes
PHI-359 Benchtop pH Meters Ion Analyzers With RS-232C Interface
PHMA, PHEC and PHFS Series Electrode Adaptors, Connectors and Filling Solutions
PHP-800 Series Diaphragm Metering Pump
PHTX-100 pH/ORP-måler og -transmitter
PHTX-692,ORTX-692 Microprocessor-based, pH and ORP Transmitters
Kompaktes Magnetdurchflussmessgerät mit Farbdisplay und IO-Link, 4-20 mA, Impuls-, Schalter- oder Spannungsausgang.
Air Velocity Meters Product Finder Air Velocity Meter Product Finder - It''s the easiest way to sort through our selection of portable velocity meters to find the right product for your application
PRS-NB9W, Hygienic Pt100 Probes Pt100-probe med hygiejnearmatur og beskyttelseshoved
PRS-CB Series Hygienic RTD Sensors Hygienic Pt100 Sensors with Integral Cable. For use in CIP Clean-In-Place Applications
PRS-M12 Series Hygienic RTD Sensors 3-A-godkendt hygiejnisk RTD-sensor med M12-stik til brug til sanitære eller hygiejniske Clean-In-Place-opgaver (CIP)
PRS-TW-NB9W Hygienic RTD Sensors Thermowell with Hygienic Tri-Clamp fitting and Removable Pt100 Sensor with Polypropylene Terminal Head
PRS-TW-M12 Series Hygienic RTD Sensors Hygienic RTD Thermowell and Removable Pt100 Sensor with M12 Connector for use in CIP Clean-In-Place Processes
iDRN-PS-1000 and FAR-1 Industrial Process Power Supplies
PV Series Electronically Controlled Proportioning Valves
PV100 Low-cost, Electronically Controlled Proportional Valves Using Solenoid Technology, Gases Only
Sensor Wire Sensor- og transducerledning og -kabel
PX437-8-9 Submersible Water Level Transmitter, Measure 0-5 ft to 0-690 ft of Water
PX633 Submersible Level Transmitter
PX709GW Series Submersible Pressure Transmitters, Lightning Protection Optional, Level Transmitters, Depth Transmitters
PX78-I Submersible Pressure Transmitter for Level and Depth Measurement
PX78-MV Submersible Pressure Transducer for Level and Depth Measurement
PXM709GW Series Tryktransducere til neddykning
PXM78 Series Metric Submersible Pressure Transmitter for Level and Depth Measurement, 4-20 mA Output, 0-275 mbar to 0-1 bar
RA-(*) and RB-(*) Adaptors & Bushings
RCK-21 and RCK-22 Lab Scale See-Saw (Wave) Rockers
RCK-23 and RCK-24 Mini See-Saw (Wave) Rockers
RH87 Miljømåler med flere funktioner
RHCM-40 Series Optical Chilled Mirror Dew Point Transmitter
S Series Hygienic Thermowells Hygienic Thermowells
AA, BB, JJ and LL Bimetal Thermometers Hygienic Bimetal Thermometers
SC-1919 Colourimeter Reagent Systems
FT-ST Series Soft Tube Fittings
SPC Series Tilbehør til panelmåler: Stænktætte dæksler, beskyttelsesklæde
SPRTX-SS M12 Transmitter Miniature Temperature Transmitter for Hygienic RTD Probes and Sensors
SSRDIN660 Series SINGLE-PHASE SSR Vdc & Vac Input/ Vac Output. DIN Rail or Panel Mount
SSRL Series SSRL Series Pump-Up/Pump- Down Relays with Latching Capability
SSRL2 SSRL Series Pump-Up/Pump-Down Relays with Latching Capability
SSRL240 and SSRL660 Series Solid-state-relæer med høj driftsikkerhed, VDC-input/VAC-output, VAC-input/VAC-output
SV-10 OMEGA-FLO® PVC Solenoid Valves for Corrosive Applications, 1/ 2 " to 2" NPT
SV100-SV200 Solenoid Valves
General Purpose, NEMA-4, Stainless Steel and Brass
SV-1000 OMEGA-FLO®2-way PVC Solenoid Valves 1/2 " to 1 1/4 " NPT
SV-1200 OMEGA-FLO Miniature Solenoid Valves
SV-1400 OMEGA-FLO® 3-way General Purpose Solenoid Valves 1/4 " NPT
SV-1500 OMEGA-FLO® 3-way General Purpose Solenoid Valves to 1" NPT
SV-1600 OMEGA-FLO™ 3-way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics, 1/4 " NPT
SV170 OMEGA-FLO 2-Way 316 Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve
SV-1800 OMEGA-FLO® 4-way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics 1/4 " NPT
SV-2000 OMEGA-FLO® “black Mushroom” Angle Seat Valves 2-way Piston-operated Valves for Liquids, Gases and Steam, 1 /2 " to 2" NPT
SV220, SV230, SV240, SV250,
SV260, SV270, SV280 and SV290
Special Purpose Solenoid Valves for Steam, Hot Water,
Anti-water Hammer, 3-way, 4-way and Selectable Service
SV3200 Series Solenoid Valves General Purpose
SV-330 OMEGA-FLO® 2-way General Purpose Solenoid Valves
1/4 " to 1/2 " NPT
SV-350 OMEGA-FLO® 2-way Zero Differential Solenoid Valves ½" to 2½" NPT
SV3500 Series OMEGA-FLO® 2-Way Zero Differential Solenoid Valves
SV-400 OMEGA-FLO™ 2-way Steam Solenoid Valves 1/2 " to 2 1/2 " NPT
SV4000A Series 2-Way Hot Water and Steam Solenoid Valves
SV-500 OMEGA-FLO® 2-way High Pressure Solenoid Valves 1/2 " to 2 1/2 " NPT
SV-600 OMEGA-FLO™ 2-way Anti-water Hammer Solenoid Valves 1/2 " to 2 1/2 " NPT
SV6000 Series OMEGA-FLO® 2-Way Solenoid Valves
SV6100 Series LEAD-FREE BRASS 2-Way Solenoid Valves
SV6100A LEAD-FREE BRASS 2-Way Solenoid Valves
SV-700 OMEGA-FLO® “black Mushroom” 2-way Piston-operated
Diaphragm Valve With Plastic Body
SVM3100 Series 2-vejs direkte virkende solenoideventiler
SVM3300 Series 2-vejs solenoideventiler, normalt åben eller normalt lukket
SVM4100 and SVM4300 Series 3-vejs direkte virkende solenoideventiler
SVP Series Omega-FLO® 3/2, 4/2-Way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics
SVT-1078A Solenoid Valve Timers for DIN 43650A Connections
SYS/FTBG-100 Series Gas Turbine and Transmitter Systems with ATEX Enclosures
TCL-650S, TCL-M165S-B, TCL-M255S-B, TCL-3M165E Dry Block Temperature Calibrators with options for Infrared, Surface and Micro-Bath Calibrations
TCY20, TCY25, TCY30, TCY48 Thermal Cyclers
TCY60 and TCY96 Non-Gradient Thermal Cyclers
TRB-3000 Series Benchtop Turbidity, Chlorine and Color Meter
TRB-800 Dual Range Turbidity Meters
TRH-3 Handheld Turbidity Meter
TRH444 Benchtop Turbidity Meter
FT-HS, FT-ME, FT-MS, FT-BHU, FT-HT, FT-HE Series Tube Fittings
OHC1, OTC1, OTMC, OLTC, OSTC Tube and Hose Accessories
TVS-1000 Series Velocity and Temperature Measurement System
TX94A-SS Temperature Transmitter RTD Temperature Transmitter - 316 Stainless Steel Construction
TXCO-50 Carbon Monoxide Transmitter
TXDIN1600F Impuls- eller frekvensindgangstransmitter, monteres på DIN-skinne
TYGR OMEGAFLEX® Natural Latex, Gum Rubber Tubing
Nylon 11 Tubing
TYPE OMEGAFLEX® Low Density Polyethylene Tubing
TYPP OMEGAFLEX® Polypropylene Tubing
TYRP OMEGAFLEX® Braid Reinforced Flexible PVC Tubing
TYSC OMEGAFLEX® Silicone Tubing – Peroxide Cured
TYSP OMEGAFLEX® Santoprene Flexible Rubber Tubing
FEP Formulation
Metric Diameters
TYTP Series OMEGAFLEX® Chemical Tubing PFA Formulation
TYTP OMEGAFLEX® CHEMICAL TUBING – PFA Formulation, Metric Diameters
TYTT OMEGAFLEX® Chemical Tubing PTFE Formulation
TYTT OMEGAFLEX® Chemical Tubing PTFE Formulation
TYUS OMEGAFLEX® Unreinforced Polyurethane Ester Tubing
TYUTH95 Polyurethanslange
TYVT6 and TYVT7 FKM Flexible Tubing
TYVT9 OMEGAFLEX® FKM Flexible Tubing
TYVY Vinyl Tubing
TYVYV OMEGAFLEX® Thick Wall PVC Suction Tubing
UWPH-2-NEMA Wireless pH/Temperature Transmitter
UWPH-2A-NEMA-M12 Series Weather Resistant Wireless pH/Temperature Transmitter
UWRTD-S-2 Wireless Pt100 Transmitter Wireless RTD Transmitter - Polypropylene Construction Ideal for Wash-down, Outdoor, Hygienic or Marine Environments
V60 Series In-Line Pneumatic Directional Control Valves Pneumatic Directional Control Valves, 2-way, 3-way or 4-way air or solenoid operated.
FMA1000 Series Product Video General Purpose Industrial Air Velocity/Temperature Transmitter/Indicator
WT4401-D Product Video Laboratory Grade Benchtop Wind-Tunnel with Instrumentation
WTM-1000 Product Video Benchtop Wind Tunnel
Vortex Meter and Pitot Tube Questionnaire Vortex/Pitot Tube Order Questionnaire - Please specify Vortex or Pitot Tube before sending to Omega.
WMS-25 Modular Weather Stations
WT Series Water Testing Kits
WTS Series Water Quality Test Strips for pH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, Iron, Total Hardness, Iodine, Peroxide, Copper, Nitrate/Nitrite
WTFWO Combination Aquaculture and Aquarium Testing Kits
ZW-CM Wireless Environmental Sensor

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