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Infrared Quick Help

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When to Use Infrared Temperature Measurement:

Surface Is:

  Too Hot to Be Measured With Thermocouples
  Too Large to Be Measured Without a Very Large Number of Thermocouples
  Moving Too Much for Thermocouple Lead Wire to Accept Without Breaking
  At So High an Electrical Potential That Use of a Thermocouple Would Be Dangerous
  So Low in Mass That The Thermocouple Itself Will Affect the Unknown Surface Temperature
  Too Fragile or Wet to Accommodate Thermocouple Contact
  Too Active (Chemically) to Accept a Thermocouple or Its Probe
  In an Atmosphere That Is Hostile to a Thermocouple
  Inaccessible to a Thermocouple or Its Instrumentation
  Near Noise Producing Electric or Magnetic Fields

Key Infrared Application Factors

  Target Spot Size and Distance
  Target Material (for Emissivity)
  Fixed or Handheld Unit
  Temperature Range
  Response Time
  Sighting System
  Viewing Port
  Options Needed

Determination of Infrared Emissivity

  Measure Surface Temperature by Some Other Means (After Stopping Motion)
  Place Masking Tape on Surface (Emissivity 0.95)
  Drill Hole in Surface At Least Six Times as Deep as It Is Wide (Emissivity 0.95)
  Paint Surface Dull Black (M IR Region)
  Look up Emissivity in Table (Last Resort)

OS520 Series Handheld Infrared Thermometer

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BB704 Series Blackbody Calibration Source with Portable Design
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