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INTERNATIONAL(+45) 80 25 14 43
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Ceramic Finned Strip Heater - One Terminal at Each End

CSF1 Series

CSF1 Series Ceramic Finned Strip Heater | CSF1 Series

CSF1 Series Ceramic Finned Strip Heater

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  • Rugged, Durable Construction
  • Stainless Steel Sheath
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Fins (Stainless Steel Optional)
  • Various Terminations
  • Trouble-Free Installation
  • Various Sizes in Stock
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Click here if you want to know more about strip heaters.

OMEGA™ finned strip heaters are extremely efficient and dependable as a heat source for hundreds of industrial and commercial applications. They are used for both forced (mounted in a duct) and natural convection air heating (mounted at the bottom of cabinet type ovens). The finned strip heater’s basic design consists of a helically wound resistance coil placed in a specially designed ceramic insulator. The resistance coil is mechanically connected to the screw terminal for positive connection. Stainless steel rectangular tubing is used to house the heater assembly. All remaining voids are filled with high purity magnesium oxide to increase thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. Nickel-plated steel fins (stainless steel optional) are mounted to the rectangular tubing. The fins have been specially designed to provide maximum surface contact for good heat dissipation into the finned cross sections, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer to the air. OMEGA finned strip heaters are manufactured in a full line of standard sizes, electrical ratings and terminations, or can be made to your specifications.

Specification and Tolerances
If tighter tolerances are required consult Omega.
Performance Ratings
Maximum Sheath Temperature: 650°C (1200°F)
Electrical Specifications
Maximum Voltage: 480 Vac (when applicable)
Maximum Amperage: 25 A
Resistance Tolerance: 10%, -5%
Wattage Tolerance: 5%, -10%
Material Specifications and Physical Sizes
Sheath: 304 stainless steel
Fins: Nickel plated steel (stainless steel optional)
Screw Terminals: Stainless steel 10-32 UNF threads
Width Including Fins: 51 mm (2")
Height Including Fins: 35 mm (13/8")
Length Tolerance: Up to 0.61 m (24") ±1/16", over 0.61 m (24") ±1/8"
Mounting Slot Size: Standard 8 x 13 mm (5/16 × 1/2")
Slot Size For Secondary Insulating Bushing: 13 x 16 mm (1/2 × 5/8") for 300V and above

Model No. Length Watts Watt Density
120V 240V mm inch Watt/cm2 Watt/in2
CSF00121 CSF00122 266.7 1012 500 5 34
CSF00123 CSF00124 266.7 1012 725 7 45
CSF00131 CSF00132 304.8 12 900 6 40
CSF00232 CSF00249 355.6 14 750 4 28
CSF00135 CSF00136 355.6 14 1100 6 37
CSF00139 CSF00140 387.4 1514 1250 6 37
CSF00144 CSF00145 454.0 1778 1550 6 38
CSF00159 603.3 2334 2200 5 30
CSF00165 647.7 2512 2400 5 35
CSF00176 774.7 3012 2800 5 29
CSF00217 1079.5 4212 4150 5 31
Ordering Example: CSF00121, 500 watt, 120 Vac, finned strip heater.
Til bestilling(Angiv modelnummer)
Vare nummer/Desc.
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120 Volt, 750 Watts, 14 Inch Long
240V Finned Strip Heaters
Kontakt salgsafdelingen    
240 Volt, 500 Watts, 10.5 Inches Long
Kontakt salgsafdelingen    
240 Volt, 4150 Watts, 42.5 Inches Long

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