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Non-Fraying, Braided, Glass Fibre Sleeving for High Temperature and Abrasive Applications

FBGS Series Fibreglass Sleeving

Fibreglass Sleeving | FBGS Series Fibreglass Sleeving

Fibreglass Sleeving

10,33 FBGS-R-20-25

  • High Temperature Rating to 316°C
  • Good Resistance to Most Alkalies
  • Fair Resistance to Acids
  • Unaffected by Bleaches and Solvents
  • Flame Resistance, Will Not Burn
  • Available in Standard Reel Lengths and Custom Lengths on Request
Kabel: Termokobler, RTD, termistor og tilslutning - Vis relaterede produkter


Find how a Thermocouple wire works on this link.

FBGS Series non-fray fibreglass sleeving is a flexible, high temperature primary or secondary insulation made from closely braided, continuous filament fibreglass which has been heat-cleaned to remove impurities in the yarn. Acrylic resin binders are applied for colour coding and to further retard fraying and to hold sleeving round for cutting. This fibreglass insulation is unaffected indefinitely through a temperature range from -60 to 316°C and withstands up to 616°C for shorter periods. Colours will be less vivid after exposure to 150°C.

FBGS Series fibreglass sleeving is used for thermal and mechanical protection in consumer, commercial and industrial applications where flexibility, abrasion resistance or insulation is required and particularly when temperature extremes prohibit the use of other materials.

Til bestilling(Angiv modelnummer)
Vare nummer/Desc.
Beholdning: 8 uger 
7.5 metre reel of red fibreglass sleeving for 0.51 mm dia (24awg) wire
Beholdning: 8 uger 
15 metre reel of yellow fibreglass sleeving for 0.41 mm dia. (26awg) wire
Beholdning: 8 uger 
30 metre reel of purple fibreglass sleeving for 0.33 mm dia. (28awg) wire
Beholdning: 8 uger 
60 metre reel of blue fibreglass sleeving for 0.81 mm dia (20awg) wire
Beholdning: 8 uger 
150 metre reel of natural (beige) fibreglass sleeving for 0.25 mm dia (30awg) wire
All amounts shown in EUR
Noter: For non-standard lengths, please contact sales.


Build Your Part Number Below
Beskrivelse af tilvalg:

(1) Colour select from:
-B for Blue
-BK for Black
-R for Red
-N for Natural (Beige)
-Y for Yellow
-P for Purple

(2) Gauge select from:
-20 for 20awg 0.81mm dia wire
-24 for 24awg 0.51mm dia wire
-26 for 26awg 0.41mm dia wire
-28 for 28awg 0.33mm dia wire
-30 for 30awg 0.25mm dia wire

(3) Length select from:
-25 for 25 foot (7.5 metre) reel
-50 for 50 foot (15 metre) reel
-100 for 100 foot (30 metre) reel
-200 for 200 foot ( 60 metre) reel
-500 for 500 foot (150 metre reel
Noter: Ikke alle kombinationer er nødvendigvis gyldige. Se specifikationerne for gyldige delnumre.
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