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 - Discontinued Digital Thermometers Single and Dual Input Models

HH-20A Series

Digital Thermometers Single and Dual Input Models | HH-20A Series

Digital Thermometers Single and Dual Input Models

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3 year warranty CE
  • Single and Dual Input Models with Display Hold
  • Dual Input Models Feature Trend, Min/Max and Differential Measurements
  • HH-21A and HH-23A Accept J, K and T Inputs
  • HH-22A Accepts J and K Inputs
  • 0.1 Resolution in °F and °C Over Full Range
  • High 0.1% Reading Accuracy
  • Self-Diagnostics and Retention of User Programming
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Optional Power Supply
Håndholdte instrumenter til temperaturmåling - Vis relaterede produkter


The HH-20A series microprocessor-based handheld thermometers offer wide-ranging temperature readings and feature state-of-the-art innovations. The easy-to-read custom 5-digit LCD readout with trend display and self-diagnostics are all standard. The case is drop/splash and dust-proof, and has a built-in tilt stand/handle for bench use or hands-free field measurements.

The HH-21A is a single input unit that accepts J, K and T thermocouple types. From the front panel, the user can select the thermocouple type, display units (°C or °F), and display resolution (0.1° or 1°). The HH-21A also has a display hold function. As with all HH-20A series units, the HH-21A features exceptionally high accuracy, 0.1% of reading plus 1°F.

The HH-22A and HH-23A accept dual inputs. The HH-22A accepts either J or K thermocouples, while the HH-23A works with J, K or T types. Both models can display T1 (input 1), T2 (input 2), T1-T2 (difference), or scan between T1, T2 and T1-T2. Standard features for both the HH-22A and HH-23A include display hold, min and max storage, and trend indication. The min and max functions record minimum and maximum values for T1, T2 and T1-T2. Trend indication shows if the displayed input is increasing, decreasing or stable.

When you turn on an HH-20A, it remembers what you were doing; the thermocouple type, resolution, and temperature units are stored in non-volatile memory so you don’t have to reprogram every time you start up

Display: 5-digit LCD; custom indicators for thermocouple type°C/°F units, hold and low battery; HH-22A and HH-23A have additional indicators for input (T1, T2, T1-T2, scan), up/down trend arrows and min/max data storage
Keypad: Momentary switches with tactile feedback; on/off, thermocouple type, units, resolution, hold; HH-22A and HH-23A have additional keys for record min/max, view min/max, stop/clear record input type (T1, T2, T1-T2, scan)
Configuration Retention: Selected readout, input type, units and resolution retained on power-off
Diagnostics: Low battery, open thermocouple, invalid keypad entry, out of range, internal hardware fault
Accuracy: 0.1% rdg + 0.5°C (1°F)
Repeatability: 0.2°C for 1 week at constant temperature
Resolution: 0.1° throughout entire range
Temperature Coefficient: (0.02% rdg + 0.1°C) below 64°F (18°C) and over 82°F (28°C); included in accuracy, between 18 and 28°C (64 and 82°F)
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), 0 to 90% RH
Reading Rate: 1 per second
Max Common Mode Voltage: 42 V peak to earth ground
Power: 9 Vdc battery, alkaline (included)
Battery Life: 100 h, typical, alkaline battery
Dimensions: 178 H x 74 W x 28 mm D (7.0 x 2.9 x 1.1")
Weight: 284 g (10 oz)
Accessories Included: 9 Vdc alkaline battery, beaded wire Type K probe (for each input), integral tilt stand/ handle, wrist strap, rubber holster and operator’s manual
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Vare nummer/Desc.
Beholdning: 1 uge 
Spare protective rubber holster
Beholdning: 7 uger 
Rechargeable 9V NiMH battery with Universal charger (with plug-in clips for USA, UK, Europe and Australia) for HH-21A, HH-22A or HH-23A
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Beholdning: 1 uge 
Portable calibrator module
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Beholdning: 7 uger 
Six Probe Switchbox, Type J
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Beholdning: 1 uge 
Six Probe Switchbox, Type K
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with theHH20SW-T
Beholdning: 7 uger 
Six Probe Switchbox, Type T
Beholdning: 4 uger 
Type T Thermocouple probe, 3 mm dia, 300 mm long with moulded handle and coiled cable
All amounts shown in EUR
Noter: Comes with beaded wire Type K probe (for each input), integral tilt stand/handle, wrist strap, 9V battery, shock resistant holster (HH20-HB) and operator’s manual.
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