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Industrial Thermistor Temperature Sensors
with Protection Head and Fabricated Thermowell

B-2k2, B-3k, B-5k, B-10k Series

industrial thermistor temperature sensors | B-2k2, B-3k, B-5k, B-10k Series

industrial thermistor temperature sensors

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  • 2k2 Ω, 3k Ω, 5k Ω and 10k Ω Thermistors
  • Optional Head Mount Transmitter
  • Wide Range of Protection Heads and Process Fittings
  • Sheath Lengths of 20 to 500mm as Standard
  • Sheath Diameters of 6, 9, 11 and 15mm
  • Probes Individually Pressure and Insulation Tested
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Omega's industrial protection head thermistor temperature probes are offered with many options and fittings, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The following may be specified at time of order: head style, sensor type; accuracy class; diameter; insertion and lagging lengths; process fittings and optional head-mount transmitter.

The available options are summarised in the table below and the most popular models are listed for purchase in the to-order table below that. For other models please use the pdf data sheet to construct a part number for a sensor suitable for your specific requirements and use the "Order By Part Number" table, or contact our sales department.

Probe Options - See data sheet for full details and pricing
1. Protection Head 2. Sensor Type 3. Construction 4. Accuracy
B        = DIN B (IP53)
NB5   = Cast Iron (IP67)
NB9   = Nylon (IP67)
NB12 = Aluminium (IP67)
NB13 = 316 SS (IP67)
2K2 = 2252 Ω Thermistor
3K = 3k Ω Thermistor
5K = 5k Ω Thermistor
10K = 10k Ω Thermistor
F = Fixed Element
TH1 = 0.1°
TH2 = 0.2°
5. Sheath Diameter 6. Sheath Length 7. Threaded Fitting 8. Transmitter
6 = 6 mm
9 = 9 mm
11 = 11 mm
15 = 15 mm
20-500 mm
0 = No Thread
M18 = M18 x 1.5
G1/4 = 1/4" BSPP
G1/2 = 1/2" BSPP
R1/4 = 1/4" BSPT
R1/2 = 1/2" BSPT
Analogue Transmitter:
Please state scaling required

Example: NB12-2K2-F-TH1-6-200-G1/4-TX-TH for a an industrial thermistor assembly with an IP67 aluminium protection head; 0.1° accuracy, 2252 Ω sensor; 6 mm diameter, 200 mm long stainless steel sheath; G¼ (¼" BSPP) male process fitting and in-head mounted 4-20 mA transmitter. Scaling should be specified as 4 mA = x °C and 20 mA = xx °C

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Beholdning: 5 uger 
10KΩ thermistor probe with IP67 aluminium protection head, 200 mm long, 6 mm dia. sheath and G1/4 process fitting.

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Vare nummer

All amounts shown in EUR
Noter: If ordering with the TX-TH transmitter option then please specify scaling requirements in order comments. Eg. 4 mA = 0°C and 20 mA = 50°C
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