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WB-FAI, WB-AAI and WB-ASC: Problems with Pentium PCs

A WB-FAI, WB-AAI or WB-ASC interface card works fine in a 386 or 486 PC, however, when installed into a Pentium, it does not operate, and is not found by the software.

WB-FAI, WB-AAI and WB-ASC cards were designed many years before the Pentium chip ever existed, and there was no way to prevent this problem. There is a timing issue that needs to be addressed. It requires a modification directly on the board, and cannot be done by the user. Contact CUSTOMER SERVICE at 800-826-6342 x2295 and ask for a return number, and that you might need an ALE modification done on the board. Make sure that you test the board in a 486 or 386 again to see that it works. Also, try another Pentium if possible, to eliminate the possibility that the first Pentium had an internal problem. In some cases, this fix does not solve the problem with some Pentium PC's, and the card simply cannot be used with that specific PC.

Use either a 386 or 486 PC, or purchase a WB-DYNARES which is a replacement, since it works with the same software, such as Work Bench and Quicklog.

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